Apple® iPhone/iPod Touch connected to your home
security = peace of mind

Peace of Mind

Is knowing that your family and your home are safe and secure with the latest security solutions and automation.

Remote Monitoring

Check to be sure that your security system is armed while you are away. Forgot to turn your alarm on? No problem when your system can be accessed remotely via an easy to use app on your phone, computer or tablet.

Remote Access

Even when you can’t be home for an important service call, or to let a visitor into your home, you can remotely disarm your security system so someone can enter when your not there.

Easy and Versatile Security Management

Typical home security systems can be either difficult or limited to manage remotely by stand alone control systems.

With an integrated control and management system and a single App on your smart device, you can enjoy easier monitoring and added value available by integrating lighting, security and climate control systems.

Imagine getting an email or phone call from your home triggered by your security system, and then checking the system via the Internet to “see” the current status of all doors and windows.

Would you like to know when a home care provider arrived, or when your child arrived home from school? With the HomeLogic security solution, the answer is easy to find.

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Screen  Shot: Security system events presented in a timeline format, letting you quickly see activity and history.