Apple® iPhone/iPod Touch connected to your home

Wired & Wireless Networks

A strong, solid wireless network network

is essential to enjoy your smart devices

around your home.

In most homes, reliable, consistent wireless performance can only be achieved when a rock solid wired network is


Having both a great wired and wireless networks will allow you to:

  1. Share Printers, Music & Photo Libraries

  1. Stream internet music and video services

  1. Let your guests to wirelessly surf the web, while keeping your personal network privacy

Think of having two completely separate wireless networks, one that is password-protected for your personal use and one that is available to guests.  Separate networks help keep prying eyes away from areas on your private network.

For larger properties, where wireless services are required outdoors Professional Grade outdoor Wi-Fi transceivers allow you to enjoy the internet on your portable wireless devices. Even in the thick Michigan woods!

get connected, stay connected

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