Control of your Home, from anywhere in the world, 
in the palm of your hand
Apple® iPhone/iPod Touch connected to your home

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Whole Home Control

The ultimate in simplicity. Experience the convenience of one touch control to dim lights, lower shades, adjust temperature and enjoy your state-of-the-art audio and video system and more!

What is Home Control?

The term home automation has always been interchangeable with the concept of a "smart home." Fortunately, the industry has evolved far beyond simplistic furnace and lighting timers and independent controls for each system in the home.

Home automation now means fully integrated, intelligent control over lighting, comfort, entertainment and security systems. More importantly, it means a home that intuitively understands your tastes and expectations, and delivers on them with one-button simplicity.

Benefits of Home Control

Energy savings and convenience are the first advantages, providing essential control to better manage environmental systems such as lighting, climate, etc. throughout your home or business. Simplicity with one touch or let the system determine when your away.