Apple® iPhone/iPod Touch connected to your home
see it now, hear it now.

Keep an eye on things

Our video camera solutions let you manage, with easy access, video cameras in your house through a straight-forward interface. You can view thumbnails of multiple cameras and then select one to see a large display. You can pan and tilt the camera toward the desired view.

Check on your kids in the back yard or in the playroom while working at your desk to see that everyone is OK.

Connect to your home while traveling, or connect to a vacation home to check on the weather, the grounds, or to make sure the driveway has been plowed. Or connect to enjoy watching your kids while away on business.

For guests, separate networks help keep prying eyes away from areas on your network they need not be.

See “history” via the touchscreen interface

Have you ever wanted to know who came to the door, what the work truck did when it arrived to your home or wanted to capture other events that occur around your home everyday?

Our DVR solution now gives you the power of recording video based on time, motion (requires certain camera models) or any other events available in the system.

A DVR provides an easy to use interface to search back through time and view recorded video. Video recording can be triggered by motion sensed in the video camera view, by time of day or by other events such as security breaches, driveway sensors, gates, windows and doors. Once stored, you can quickly scan through footage to locate an event of interest.

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